Renita Brannan

Who is ready to ditch the diet and experience body confidence for life? Being a health coach, I was searching for a permanent solution. Many people in North Dakota were recently taught to eat foods they love and still have amazing results. How was this accomplished? By turning your body into a fat burning machine by stabilizing your blood sugar.

The message was delivered by New York Times best selling author of "Body Confidence," Mark MacDonald. With over 20 years of nutrition and fitness experience, MacDonald is also an Ambassador for the American Diabetes Association, a CNN Health and Fitness expert, a contributor to the Dr. Oz Show and Monavie RVLution spokesperson. MacDonald created "Venice Nutrition" to certify health professionals in the United States and Canada teaching blood sugar stabilization to maintain permanent health results.

Recently MacDonald educated three Bismarck schools on blood sugar stabilization and antioxidants. MacDonald also made appearances at UTTC Wellness Center and Scheels All Sports. Whether you are middle age and trying to lose weight, a parent feeding your family healthy meals, an athlete looking to improve performance or a baby-boomer hoping to re-gain energy, blood sugar stabilization is for everyone.

Body confidence is based on pure physiology and scientific study of function in living systems.

"We need to get back to eating like a baby. Consuming the perfect balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates every three hours," said MacDonald. "When you skip a meal, your blood sugar falls below 80 mg/dl and you purposely burn muscle; slowing your metabolism. When you over-eat or eat excess carbohydrates, your blood sugar rises above 120 mg/dl, prompting your body to store fat."

MacDonald suggests following these steps:

1. Divide your plate into thirds.

2. One third of your plate is PROTEIN: beef, chicken, turkey, eggs, dairy.

3. One third of your plate is FAT: avocado, healthy oils, nuts, peanut butter, butter, mayo, olives.

4. One third of your plate is CARBS: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, sweet potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal.

5. Eat ever three hours upon waking: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack, snack. Eat six or seven times per day.

6. Your body can only process a certain amount of food at once. Each meal should consist of approximately 250 calories for women and 400 calories for men. If you are exercising or an athlete looking to gain weight, these numbers differ slightly.

Macdonald says, "Nutrition should be used to create internal hormonal balance. When nutrition is used to create balance, the body is in homeostasis and will release whatever it does not need -- like stored body fat, toxins, and excess sodium. The state of homeostasis optimizes cell reproduction, energy, focus, sleep, stress management and your amount of lean body mass. This is what separates maintaining stable blood sugar from dieting.

"There are many things we cannot control in life," Macdonald says. "One thing we can control is how we choose to take care of ourselves. Ditch the diet and experience body confidence by stabilizing your blood sugar."

Renita Brannan is a certified nutrition coach, advanced personal trainer, lifestyle and weight management consultant and holds 15 additional certifications in wellness. Her passion is coaching individuals, families, workplaces and communities to breakthrough their health barriers to live the abundant life.