Cathryn Sprynczynatyk
Jordan was chosen as the 2016-2017 Vikings Cheerleader calendar cover model -- a huge accomplishment in her career as a cheerleader. (Andy Kenutis)

(Andy Kenutis)

Jordan's rookie season as a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader was the football team's last season playing in TCF Bank Stadium.

In the Vikings final game, a playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Jan. 10, the temperature at kickoff was -6 degrees Fahrenheit. With wind chill, it felt like -25.

Meanwhile, Jordan and the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders were cheering on the sidelines -- and they were roasting. (Note: NFL cheerleaders are instructed to go by first-name only for safety reasons.)

"I had two hats on. We taped body warmers everywhere," Jordan said. "To be honest, as soon as I got out there I was way too hot."

Wind chill of -25 degrees Fahrenheit doesn't mean the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders can't look cute. Jordan said they wore big jackets with fur and rhinestones.

"When we're outside, we're dancing so much that we're way warmer than everybody else," Jordan said. "It's a 4-hour aerobics class."

Jordan, a native of Bismarck, is in her second year as a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader. Jordan got her start dancing in her hometown as a Wachter Middle School Danzador and then a Bismarck High School Demonette. When Jordan landed in Minneapolis after college, she still had the dancing bug.

"I didn't feel like I was done dancing quite yet," Jordan said.

Encouraged by a co-worker to try out for the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders, Jordan thought it was a long shot. She never thought she would make the team, but she thought she might make a few friends along the way.

"I never thought my dream of becoming a professional dancer would actually come true," Jordan said.

Now, Jordan is back for her second year, or in Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader parlance, she's a 2-year veteran.

"Going into your second year and making the team, you feel like you weren't a one-hit wonder," Jordan said.

On a recent week leading up to the Minnesota Viking's Monday night football game, the cheerleaders were in practice Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday night. For the 3- to 4-hour practice, a fitness trainer guided a workout for the first hour. The next few hours were spent dancing, learning new routines and cleaning up old ones.

For a Monday night game when no other NFL games are taking place, Jordan said the cheerleaders have to be careful not to hit the extra media members packing the sidelines.

During a Vikings-Packers game, Jordan said cheerleaders have to stay aware: Packers fans typically pack the game, and cheerleaders have to pay extra attention when they are cheering toward the fans and the game action is behind them.

"You don't want to cheer if it's Packers (fans) cheering for a (quarterback) sack," Jordan said.

All of the cheerleaders have day jobs in addition to their work as part of the Minnesota Vikings marketing department. Jordan is a professional make-up artist for her company Miss Motives. The name was inspired by the cosmetics line she uses, Motives Cosmetics.

"You have to stay motivated, get things done," Jordan said. "You're always on a mission for something, the next goal, the next achievable thing."

The drive for motivation carries over into Jordan's work as a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader.

"We all have good and bad days, but even on the worst days someone wishes they could be in my spot right now," Jordan said. "You just don't take anything for granted, because someone wants my spot."

Jordan is the cover model for the 2016-2017 Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader swimsuit calendar. During audition, she was named among the top 10 candidates to be cover model. Minnesota Vikings fans also voted for the cover model online.

"It was a really cool day when (they) released that photo," Jordan said.

Jordan, who has always been a football fan, said cheering at NFL football games has created an extra bond with her father. She may have grown up a Vikings fan, but she said she never thought she would be a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader.

"No matter who you are and where you come from and what your past is, you really can make it," Jordan said. "You can do whatever you set your mind to. Dream so big and pick the biggest dream ever, just pick it. You'll work so hard to make that dream come true."

Cathryn Sprynczynatyk is a lifelong resident of Bismarck, a proud Ukranian and a news junkie. She is wife to Jason and mother to Sigurdor and Henrik.