Jody Kerzman
Little Boedy enjoying his new Lego table. (Megan Milbradt)

Before (Megan Milbradt)

Ali and Boedy checking out the before table. (Megan Milbradt)

The finished Lego table. (Megan Milbradt)

I should not be allowed to clean house.

Because when I do, I get ideas and ideas lead to projects ... and projects, well, projects are fun, so on second thought, maybe I should clean more often.

My latest idea happened when I cleaned out the "little kid" toys from the basement. At age 3-and-a-half, my youngest does NOT consider herself a little kid anymore, so the little kid toys had to go. That cleaning project led to a very big rummage sale, an attempt to give some great toys to a friend and eventually convincing her to turn an old coffee table into a Lego table.

It all happened via text.

Me: "I have a big tub of toddler size Legos your kid needs."

Ali: "He has two boxes. What he really needs is a Lego table."

Me: "I always wanted one of those."

Ali: "I should have my hubby build one from an old table we're not using ... hmmmm ... PROJECT!"

Me: "That's a great idea! Do it!"

So in my defense, it really was her idea. I just gave her a gentle nudge. I also stopped over a few times to offer advice/play with her 15-month-old/check on her progress. I even searched the Internet for ideas, but I have to say, what Ali did was amazing and so much cooler than any of the ideas I found online. This Lego table is now one of my all-time favorite DIY projects. I loved it so much, I asked her for step by step directions. Because, let's face it, this is a super cool Lego table that all little kids need. Here's how Ali made the coolest Lego table ever, in five simple steps:

1. Sand the coffee table to get the finish off. This makes the paint stick better. This was the hardest and most time consuming step of the entire project, but also the most important.

2. Paint.

3. Glue the Lego base plates onto the top of the table. For now, the base plates are for toddler size Legos, but when her son gets older, Ali will replace these plates with ones for smaller Legos.

4. Ali's handy husband replaced the drawer with a milk crate. Using the same gliders as the drawer, the crate fits perfectly, adds some fun color, and provides storage for Boedy's Legos.

5. Just for fun, Ali put her son's name on the edge and the words "build" and "create" to inspire creativity. This mama even saved room to add son No. 2's name when he joins the family in September.

And because she is just as cheap as I am (maybe that's why we're friends?), Ali challenged herself to keep this project under $50. (Because if you spend more than that, you might as well just buy a new Lego table). I'm happy to tell you she came in way under budget; Ali spent just $13.31. The coffee table was free, so was the milk crate. She used a gift card to buy the Lego base plates, and the paint was left over from previous projects.

I love it when a project turns out so great. Now I'm off to do some more cleaning. You never know what I'll find, and what project my kids' hand-me-downs will inspire you to tackle.

Jody is married to Brad, and they have four super-busy kids. When she isn't at one of their events, she's probably driving them somewhere.