Renita Brannan


The trendiest accessories for life: A healthy body, a confident attitude, and a smile. What does "healthy" mean? According to Merriam-Webster it is "vigor of body, mind, or spirit." That is a great definition. Let's face it, maybe we haven't arrived at this definition, but are we taking appropriate time to improve our health? It is undeniable when you meet someone who is full of vigor.

The fantastic news is we can all have that energy.

Taking care of yourself is not an indulgence. It is a way of respecting yourself, your family, and ultimately God. Think of every moment you invest into your health, as an investment into your future and the future of your family. Your children are watching you. If we can exemplify good health habits, our kids will realize the importance of taking care of their body, mind, and spirit, too.

A confident attitude is a feeling or way of thinking that affects your behavior and posture. The best part about this accessory is we get to choose to put it on daily. It is amazing when you see two people that are wearing the exact same outfit with similar body types, and one is exhibiting a confident attitude and the other a self-depreciating attitude. The obvious winner of this fashion show, is the woman with the confident attitude.

Choose one action step you can do today to improve the health of your body:

1. Don't chase your youth.

People who long for their youth are never content, because every day that youth gets a little farther away. Embrace your current age. It is much better to enjoy who you are now and try to dress your best for someone your age.

2. Focus on your journey, not the destination.

Get out of the habit of comparing yourself with others, and the pace at which they are moving. Own your journey. You are creating your legacy. What matters more than where you have been, is the direction you are going. Ask yourself, am I improving myself? Am I becoming better?

Celebrate your success rather than your focusing on your failures. Keeping a positive mindset about your progress will only bring forth more progress. Onward and upward sister!

3. View your body and your attitude as your friend.

If it isn't what you want it to be, do everything you can to help it; don't despise it. Would you despise a friend that wasn't where they wanted to be and wanted to improve? Start thinking and speaking "life giving thoughts" to yourself daily. These are thoughts that are empowering you to become better.

If your thinking is negative and condescending toward yourself, your self-image is probably suffering. You are beautiful. Embrace it.

Renita Brennan is a certified nutrition coach, advanced personal trainer, lifestyle and weight management consultant and holds 15 additional ceritifactions in wellness. Her passion is coaching individuals, families, workplaces and communities to break through their health barriers to live the abundant life.