Jody Kerzman




There are certain traditions we have in our family. For example, we always to go the farm for Christmas, we always make deer sausage in the garage, and every October, we have a pumpkin carving party. The party includes friends, prizes, and pumpkins from our garden.

But as much as I love our pumpkin party, I truly hate carving pumpkins. My attention span just isn't long enough to carve detailed jack-o-lanterns. I start out with good intentions, but always end up with a huge mess and ugly jack-o-lanterns. This year, I wanted to do something different, something creative, something stylish, and something that didn't require getting my hands very messy (Have you ever gutted a pumpkin? Gross. So slimy and icky.)

So I Googled, Pinterested, and even used my own imagination to come up with some easy, yet stylish, pumpkins to decorate our front step this fall.

Crayon Melt Pumpkin. If you've been on Pinterest, you've seen the crayons glued to a canvas, then melted so they make a cool pattern. This is one Pinterest project I've actually completed, and even liked. I figured it might work on a pumpkin. Believe it or not, it did work on a pumpkin, but I don't think I'll do it again. Remember my short attention span? This was a challenge for me because it took a very long time! I peeled the paper from the crayons, then one at a time, held them over the pumpkin while I used the hair dryer to melt the wax.

Rhinestone Pumpkin. Aside from a few minor burns from the glue gun, this one was simple to make. I used some rhinestones left over from another project and just randomly hot glued them to the pumpkin. It took less than 15 minutes, start to finish, and I love the sparkle.

Chevron Chalkboard Pumpkin. Chevron is all the rage, so I figured I needed a chevron pumpkin. I taped off the pattern with masking tape and sprayed the top half with white spray paint. I let that dry and then did the bottom white section. When that was dry, I painted the middle with black chalkboard paint. I think it will be fun to change the message as we get closer to Halloween. I'm thinking about starting a countdown to Halloween on this pumpkin.

Chalkboard Pumpkin. I am in love with chalkboard paint. I've done a wall and a table, and now a pumpkin. This pumpkin took just minutes to finish. I did use two coats, but I'm not sure that was necessary. The spray chalkboard paint has great coverage. Again, I think we'll change the message on this pumpkin many, many times before the big day.

Mosaic Pumpkin. This was probably the most difficult pumpkin I did, and to be honest, it wasn't really that difficult. I cut a bunch of pieces of masking tape (I didn't measure, but I'm guessing they were about two inches), placed them on the pumpkin in a mosaic pattern, then spray painted with yellow paint. When the paint dried, I peeled the tape off. The finished product makes me think of candy corn, one of my very favorite Halloween candies.

Metallic Pumpkins. These were super easy (do you see a theme here? EASY.) I sprayed the pumpkins with metallic spray paint, and added a layer of glitter paint to the gold pumpkin. As an after thought, I did gut the gold one so I could add a vase of pretty flowers. They were pretty and classy without the flowers, but I wanted to try it anyway.

Monogram Pumpkin. This is my favorite pumpkin. The burlap bow and the "K" from buttons are totally my style. I used buttons from my aunt's stash, and hot glued them to the pumpkin.

White Burlap Pumpkin. When it comes to easy pumpkin decorating, this is the winner. I wrapped the pumpkin with a piece of burlap ribbon, added a bow and a clothespin, and then wrote a cute note to place in the clothespin. This would be really cute on a mini pumpkin, maybe for place cards for Thanksgiving dinner, or maybe as a centerpiece.

So there you have it - my eight stylish, creative pumpkins for 2013. Feel free to copy, or improve my ideas. Embrace your short attention span, and use it to create lots and lots of awesome pumpkins, without having to smell or touch the icky pumpkin innards!

Jody is married to Brad, and they have four super-busy kids. When she isn't at one of their events, she's probably driving them somewhere.