Michelle Farnsworth

I have a passion for fashion. From my earliest memories, I can remember liking clothes and trying my best to look my best. Which is debatable whether or not I succeeded in my quest.

My mother and grandmother were always stylish, and so I grew up with two, deep closets to influence my fashion choices. My grandmother's maxi dresses, ponchos and huge statement necklaces of the 70's are forever burned into my memory. I have a few of her necklaces and laugh about how many of her dresses would be in style today.

My mother went through every trend and stage. The photos of her from the 60's are very Jackie Kennedy-esque. Then she moves into her flower power "hippie" stage with bell bottoms, flowing cotton smocks, completing the look was her long, blonde locks. I think my mother's 70's fashion ensembles are probably what really triggered my love for fashion. Those maxi dresses, disco style, satin pants and blouses - they really captured my attention. I would try on her clothes and heels, pile on layers of necklaces and it was magic.

When I was in junior high and high school, making a statement with my fashion choices was something I loved to do. Kelly green cords, a pink and green polo shirt, worn layered with popped collars for extra coolness. And of course this was topped off with pink and green duck shoes; one of my favorite looks in junior high.

In high school, I remembered watching Madonna's "Lucky Star" video for the first time and when I saw the Material Girl's fashion, that was it. She literally rocked my world!

One time, circa 1984, I wore a long, white tube skirt with a neon pink tank top. Over the top was another lace tank and belted with a gigantic "PEACE" belt buckle. Pink pearl drops with pink lace bow earrings completed my dedication to Madonna. I actually wore this to a Brian Adams concert at the Bismarck Civic Center.

The 90's were a lackluster decade. I looked awful. Good grief, can we talk about my hair? I look at the photos and want to cry. And I thought I was so stylish, but really my style was "no style."

I believe style isn't just fashion. Style encompasses all aspects of life. How you treat people. How you live. Home. Family. Work. All facets of your life involve style.

Our first year of Be Magazine has introduced you to many aspects of style. Our community is growing and changing by the day. Some would say we are becoming more "stylish" on the whole. So what better way to show off some fashion and celebrate, than our very own Be Magazine fashion photo shoot.

The team at Be Magazine hope to inspire you to try a new style, create something for your home, or perhaps cook a meal and set a table in style. But most important to attaining great style, is always Be Yourself.

Michelle Farnsworth loves travel, writing, photography, daily devotions, gardening, making jewelry and finding old treasures. Her greatest accomplishment is her two sons, who bring life, love and laughter to her each day.