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Have you caught yourself in the mirror wishing to remove a tattoo? Meet Dr. Rick Paulson, of the Aesthetic Center of Plastic Surgery, the only medi-spa in the area to offer the unique laser tattoo removal service since 2007. Paulson, a Stanley native, has been practicing cosmetic treatments and surgeries since 1996 serving Bismarck and Minot. Patients of the Alma Harmon Laser Tattoo removal services include people who may have had too much fun at Sturgis, those for whom the end of a romance that left names and symbols behind or individuals who want the editing of tattoo art so a person can enhance the tattoo. For around $1,000 Paulson and his team of nurses can remove your body art and give your skin new life.

Paulson said that tattoo shops are not regulated for ink colors and levels, so variance in ink pigmentation can affect how fully a tattoo can be removed. Aquamarine and red inks can pose a deeper removal challenge, while darker pigmented skin can be challenging to fully remove tattoos as well. Older tattoos tend to respond faster to the laser treatments that pulsate the skin at rapid pace. According to nurse Sarah Huettl, from the moment it is tattooed your body is trying to remove the ink. With the natural skin renewal process, older tattoos will fade quicker with laser tattoo removal treatments. Newer tattoos can require more treatment time to see desired results.

Most patients can begin the laser removal treatment the same day with one session running around $180. Your desired treatment area is cleansed, you are provided with protective eyewear and then the Q Switched ND: YAG laser is applied at minimum 500 megahertz for 15-20 minutes depending on the patient's skin type and tolerance to the laser. The risk associated with laser tattoo removal are possible scarring, allergic reactions and pain associated with the treatment. If a patient desires multiple tattoos to be removed in one treatment, this is possible and clients should expect to make multiple visits to achieve maximum benefit of laser tattoo removal.

Paulson advises to avoid Internet products touting themselves for tattoo removal, so consider this your warning. Following treatment, Paulson says clients "are able to detach from a connection with a tattoo, advance their professional careers, stop wearing long sleeves to hide tattoos and breathe a sigh of relief." If you are ready for your tattoo to be gone Paulson says, "Do it." Remember before you ink, think. Paulson and the nursing team of Jenny Dewing, Kylie Messmer and Sarah Huettl will be ready to help for any removal needs.

For more information, contact the Aesthetic Center of Plastic Surgery 701-255-3311 or visit www.thespaofbismarck.com.

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