Adrianna Bohrer
Merchandise at Moe Moe's Garden Baby Boutique. (Megan Milbradt)

Goldie Blox engineering toys for girls are a popular seller at Moe Moe's. (Megan Milbradt)

(Megan Milbradt)

Two words: cloth diapers.

"It's kind of like an addiction," says Jayme Heick, owner of the Moe Moe's Garden Baby Boutiques in Dickinson and Bismarck. Heick started using cloth diapers as a new stay-at-home mom with her first child, Ramona (Moe Moe for short). Not only did she feel cloth was better for her baby, but she found it was also cheaper in the long run.

Being a stay-at-home mom allowed Heick to choose more eco-friendly options for her new baby, but a long, cold winter meant little face-to-face interaction with the outside world. Looking to get out and realizing the lack of eco options for mothers in the area, Heick started the first Moe Moe's Garden Baby Boutique in Dickinson in 2011. Now, almost three years later, she has opened a second location in Bismarck.

Moe Moe's Garden is located on 4th Street in Downtown Bismarck, right in the hub of all the action. Reviving the lost art of face-to-face interaction, Moe Moe's offers a place for a community of women to share tips and stories and offer support "from one mother to another," as Heick puts it. Moe Moe's offers a variety of products, from organic cotton blankets and clothes to wooden toys, glass bottles and more. The most popular brands are the Medela nursing products and the Aden + Anais swaddle line.

Whether you're overwhelmed by the idea of trying cloth diapers or you just need a few tips on nursing, the staff at Moe Moe's Garden knows a thing or two about it. So the next time you're downtown getting a bite to eat or checking out the new inventory at your favorite shop, stop by Moe Moe's and welcome this much needed eco-friendly boutique to Bismarck.

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