Ann Crews Melton
Kelly Nelson - Birds Kept North (Cathryn Sprynczynatyk)

Genevieve Fisher - Diva Dimensions (Cathryn Sprynczynatyk)

Cindy Mills - Crystal Rock Healing

Cassie Tock - Prints and cards

Brenda Molinaro - Molinaro Arts

Katie Jenkins - Rising Phoenix Jewelry

Be Magazine asked these Bismarck artists: What is your inspiration?

Kelly Nelson

Birds Kept North

Kelly Nelson began Birds Kept North in 2012, while she was still in college. Now she creates handmade goods full-time, including silk-screened shirts, hand-batiked silk scarves, and knit hats and scarves. "North Dakota really inspires me," Nelson says. "All the colors here -- the green and the gold wheat and all the animals." Her designs are created from her own photography and drawings and often feature North Dakota wildlife. View more at

Genevieve Fisher

Diva Dimensions

Genevieve Fisher began Diva Dimensions almost two decades ago. The daughter of artists, she began sewing out of necessity. "I'm the youngest of six kids, (including) four older brothers," she says. "I was so tired of Star Wars hand-me-downs, I was like, 'Mom, teach me how to sew, please! I want girl clothes' ... so she put me on her lap and taught me how to run the machine before I could reach the feet." Fisher creates sari wrap skirts out of material sent from a former college roommate who lives in India. Contact her at

Cindy Mills

Crystal Rock Healing

Cindy Mills is a Reiki practitioner and animal communicator who sells Young Living Essential Oils and gemstone jewelry. "I had Lyme disease and I was on a lot of bad medications, and I wasn't getting better," she says. Mills began using natural products and sharing them with others, eventually creating her own company. Her jewelry features stones with healing properties. Learn more at

Cassie Tock

Prints and cards

Cassie Tock crates prints and cards from her original ink drawings. She cites the art and culture market as her inspiration. "I really enjoy the atmosphere of being here and being able to show my art and be around other artists," Tock says. She draws landscapes as well as scenes from her imagination. "In life I try to observe without drawing and then hopefully translate it from my imagination back to paper," she says. Tock's artwork is featured by Cindy Mills of

Brenda Molinaro

Molinaro Arts

Brenda Molinaro is a potter and ceramic sculptor who has been showing her work for the past five years. "My muse would be creation," she says. "Being creative opens up a lot of joy in life." Molinaro Arts features paintings, pottery, totebags and accessories created by Molinaro and her daughters. Find Molinaro Arts at

Katie Jenkins

Rising Phoenix Jewelry

Katie Jenkins creates chain-mail jewelry based on patterns from medieval armor. "I just love how many different textures and patterns you can get out of a circle," she says. Jenkins uses jewelry making as a calming exercise. "It's very relaxing for me. I understand now why my grandma used to knit," she says. View her work at

Ann Crews Melton is a writer and editor who lives in Bismarck. She is a direct descendant of Pocahontas, Clan Mackay of Scotland and a bunch of debtors and scalawags who came through Georgia to Texas.