Michelle Farnsworth
Open kitchen, dining and living room layout in a Broadway Condo. (Michelle Farnsworth)

Broadway Grill & Tavern's outdoor patio dining area. (Michelle Farnsworth)

A fireplace anchors the living space, providing a focal point and style element. (Michelle Farnsworth)

Broadway Centre main entrance features the Art Deco style staircase. (Michelle Farnsworth)

Car lots and garages don't usually contribute a style or design aesthetic to an urban landscape. They tend to be functional and serve a purpose: You buy a car. You get your oil changed and go on your way.

But what happens when a local entrepreneur and developer takes the initiative to acquire such a location and change the Downtown Bismarck landscape?

The result is Broadway Centre, a combination of commercial storefronts, offices and condo living spaces.

Steve Pine had a vision when he purchased the old Fleck Motors and Wilhelm Buick location on the corner of Mandan Street and Broadway Avenue.

"I didn't think it would be a five-year project, but these things take time," says Pine, grinning.

Together with his wife, Carla, the duo developed a whole new urban lifestyle for potential tenants and the general public.

"The Centre has everything you need," says Carla Pine.

The exterior of the Broadway Centre is distinguished, domineering and an appealing mix of modern brick and mortar design. A nod to art deco is apparent with their selection of outdoor lighting fixtures.

Broadway Centre is home to Broadway Grill and Tavern, a restaurant located on the main floor, with spacious outdoor patio dining. The inside features a large bar and formal dining room.

Other tenants include Broadway Spa and Salon, Pure Skin Aesthetic & Laser Center and CC's Physical Therapy, just a few of the commercial occupants on the first and second floors.

Stepping into the Centre's spacious entry, your eye immediately travels upward to the two-story ceiling with windows and modern waterfall-style light fixtures. The art deco-style steel and wood railing gives the entrance a sense of grandeur and luxury. Glass and metal light sconces line the walls and provide ambient lighting and additional style elements.

But ultimately the stars of the show are the 17 residential condos, located on the third floor of the Centre. Each unit varies in size, from approximately 2,000 to 3,800 square feet. The layout of each unit is different, but with this uniqueness each tenant can choose all of their own finishes, turning each condo into a personalized home.

"Tenants can choose cabinets, flooring, lighting, painting and texturing options to make it reflect their own style and meet their needs," says Carla Pine.

The list of amenities is long and impressive: two underground, secure parking spots; a storage unit for each condo; fireplaces; radiant heat on all patios; a central vaccum; a community room and exercise room with sauna; a trash chute and a freight elevator in addition to the regular elevator.

Style, function and no-maintenance should be appealing to potential tenants, a combination that wasn't offered in Downtown Bismarck before the Pine project came along.

In addition to the benefits of downtown condo living, tenants also can qualify for a five-year property tax exemption. Businesses can quality for Bismarck's Renaissance Zone Program.

"No yard work or upkeep. Underground parking to shield you from the North Dakota winters and storage units, too," says Carla Pine. "You never have to leave the comfort of the Centre."

For more information, visit broadwaycentre.net.

Michelle Farnsworth is owner of Humble by the Lake: www.facebook.com/humblebismarck