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Linda and Ted Hoffman. (Sarah Feist)

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I am a woman and I love beer. So do many of my girlfriends. In fact, we have taken several trips to breweries in the Midwest and North Dakota just to sample beer varieties. Beer has been a man's world for years -- typically advertised towards and mostly consumed by men, with little involvement with women. However, it seems craft beer is a hit with them. Women aren't expected to only drink wine with their meal; we now have an assortment of craft beer to pair with any course we are served. Women are becoming more and more of an influence in packaging, branding, advertising and even brewing beer. Don't know what style you might prefer? Fear not! Those of us in Bismarck-Mandan are lucky to have a number of brewers at our fingertips, including Buffalo Commons Brewing Co. in Mandan. And if you think you don't like beer, you just haven't tried the right one yet. Just like wine, there are several styles, alcohol volumes, bitterness levels and more for you to taste test.

Buffalo Commons was founded by husband and wife duo Linda and Ted Hoffman in 2013. The brewery and taproom are open Thursday and Friday 5:30-8 p.m. and Saturday 1-5 p.m. If you are unable to visit the brewery, their beer is on tap at 20-25 Bismarck-Mandan area establishments. Additionally, they open for private events outside of business hours per arrangement.

Linda sheepishly admitted to me it was "her fault" that Ted got into brewing beer after she purchased an at-home brewing kit for his birthday over 20 years ago. Since then, the hobby grew to a passion and now a business. If you are a beginning beer drinker or think you don't like beer, a visit to Buffalo Commons is encouraged. The brewery typically has 6-8 beers on tap in several styles. Can't commit to a full pint? Give a flight (a smaller pour sample of 4-5 beers) a try.

A majority of the beer on tap at Buffalo Commons is pleasing to Midwestern palates.

Just recently, Ole & Otto's Catering has set up a table in the brewery offering tasty menu items, some of which feature Buffalo Commons beer as a key ingredient. The menu changes from week to week but you can expect braised pork, smoked ribs, sausage poppers and more. The bite sized appetizers help wash down any cold beer you choose. Catering is on site every Thursday. For Friday and Saturday catering, check Buffalo Commons Facebook page for updates.

Linda explains that some new women drinkers might not know what beer to order. She suggests being open to trying something new and letting your brewmaster answer any questions you might have. Often times, a pale beer is associated with having a light beer taste. This doesn't always ring true and you may just find yourself going for a dark brown beer or a nice stout with underlying coffee notes.

Not only is beer great for drinking, it can be used in a variety of recipes as well. Ted and Linda suggest brown ale in chili, stout in a chocolate cupcake or a pale ale with brats. Just like wine, the alcohol will cook out and you are left with the incredible flavor to season your recipe.

The menu changes often at Buffalo Commons with a recent addition being a sour Berliner Weisse -- crisp and citrusy, perfect for a warm summer evening. A weekly menu of beer on tap is posted on their Facebook page. Grab your friends and try a flight or pint at Buffalo Commons. Cheers!

Want to come visit yourself? Drop on by!

Buffalo Commons Brewing Company

2307 Memorial Hwy

Mandan, ND


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