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By now, you (or everyone you know) have tried to transform an old or funky piece of furniture with paint. Personally I have painted everything from an old piece of barn wood to coffee tables circa 1978.

What starts out as a great idea that is "quick and easy" usually ends up being days of manual labor, many steps of sanding, priming and painting, with a some swear words thrown in for good measure.

Jan Colling, owner of Eclectic Charm in Bismarck, may finally have the answer to all of your furniture transformation needs.

Colling is introducing a new line, "Shabby Chalk Acrylic Paints", to her customers. Colling is no stranger to painting, with over fifteen years of experience with Walls of Distinction, a faux finish and decorative painting business.

"Shabby Paints is non-toxic and contains no VOC's and is all natural, with very little odor," Colling said.

Colling is excited to introduce this line of paint not only because it's made in the U.S.A., but because it will encourage even the novice painter to create with ease.

"You do not have to sand or wax your piece," Colling said.

Shabby Paints comes in 4 oz., 8 oz., 16 oz., and 32 oz. sizes so you don't have to buy a large size and waste paint, when working on a small project.

And Shabby Paint is flexible, so you can even paint fabric. I was blown away by the before and after photos of the projects Colling has transformed. The fabric chair looks like leather and feels smooth to the touch, with no cracking or peeling of the product.

Other products in the Shabby line are Sheer Vax, a top coat that is not a wax, but dries to a wax-like matte finish. ReVax is a product that will add a little more depth and shimmer to a piece.

Colling will soon be adding paint classes at Eclectic Charm to teach customers the ways of her painting magic and techniques.

For updates and product information on Shabby Paints, visit Eclectic Charm at 2000 Lovett Avenue in Bismarck, or stay informed on Facebook here .

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